We Are Menu Guru

Burgers and fries on a table at a restaurant with allergen filtering

We Are Menu Guru

There are a staggering 3 million people affected by one or more allergies or intolerances (can you believe, that’s larger than the total population of Jamaica!)

So you would think, with one of the largest populations of food allergy sufferers in the world the UK should have good measures in place in order to cater to allergies when they’re eating out? Unfortunately, there is a lack of support on offer for restaurants to help improve their systems and services. 

Miscommunication between staff and outdated allergy menus as well as allergy-related food incidences in the press leave many diners feeling worried and unsafe when eating out and restaurants nervous knowing they have a huge responsibility on their guest’s health and safety. In fact, last year, new research released by the Food Standards Agency revealed that 60% of young adults with an allergy avoided eating out due to fears of inflaming their condition.

We’re helping restaurants confidently cater to allergy sufferers and dietary lifestyles through using the Menu Guru app. It lets customers personalise a menu with their unique allergy requirements, showing them which meals they can safely enjoy. Using Menu Guru is helping our restaurants provide accurate information, is reducing the risk of miscommunication and delivering safe and enjoyable dining experiences for allergy sufferers.

“With over 3 million people in the UK suffering from food allergies, restaurants need to step up and start serving a very unsatisfied, but extremely motivated and vocal segment of the market,” says Sunil Mistry, Founder of Menu Guru. 

“As an allergy sufferer myself, I have frequently struggled with finding somewhere to eat and often missed out on special occasions because I didn’t know where was safe. Restaurants are working with us to change this, together we are raising the bar of how restaurants cater to all of their customers.”
The adoption of the Menu Guru app is being recommended by many local Liverpool restaurants including Bold Street’s Maray.

“It’s so important to cater to allergy-affected guests and there’s a lack of support on offer to help restaurants improve their service. We’ve had great success with Menu Guru as we can now confidently cater for your guests with allergies” says Thomas White, Co-Founder & Director of Maray. 

“Since working with the team at Menu Guru, not only has it given our staff the confidence that they’re providing the right information, but also our guests have peace of mind when choosing their order and feel valued when presented with the app. Overall, it’s improving our guests’ experience and building brand loyalty”

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