Monday Mashup 2: Updates, Site Launch, Eating Out, Food Ban, Allergy Memo, Jargon Buster, Charity…

Monday Mashup 2: Updates, Site Launch, Eating Out, Food Ban, Allergy Memo, Jargon Buster, Charity…

A bite sized update from the world of allergies & food.

Happy Monday!

I’ve moved the newsletter to Monday’s as we push out our website updates later in the week so I’ll have more to share in each email! Also, we’ve been having some trouble with our newsletter with over 30% of our community not receiving the emails so we’ve hopefully fixed that now and this one works fine.

Onto the updates…

The World of Eating Out

As we work towards creating a place for you to find, rate and share allergy friendly restaurants, I want to keep you updated as we go. The feedback from you is so important and allows us to shape the website to work exactly the way you need it to so thank you. Our goal is to build the best Allergy Friendly Restaurant Guide in the UK! 

Here are some of the things we’ve built this week…

Ability to book a table: 

We’ve created a feature that will allow you to book a table at your restaurant. Definitely some improvements need to be made but it works well for now.

Make a table booking at each restaurant.

See when a restaurant is open:

All restaurant listings now have opening times on their page making it easier to see what days and times you can eat there.

See opening times for each restaurant.

Get restaurant directions and other information:

All restaurant listings will now show their location on a map and allow you to get directions using Google Maps. It will also show all the key information for that restaurant like contact and website. 

Restaurant directions, phone number, website and social media now featured on each listing

The next 2 weeks – what we’re going to be working on: 

  • We ran into some difficulties when trying to create a more detailed review criteria – more than just ‘food, service, atmosphere’. The reviews need to be allergy specific. I feel it’s really valuable to know what allergens each reviewer has so you can see how a restaurant caters for your specific needs. This will be a priority this week.
  • Showing the live and most recent reviews on the homepage.
  • We’ll be opening the site up for early testing with you guys!!! Party Popper on Google Partying Face on Apple

How you can help: 

We’re going to need help populating the reviews. We have Liverpool restaurants on the site at the moment. If you’ve eaten in Liverpool at least once before, please reply to this email if you’d be happy to write a review – every review helps!

Food For Thought 

🍽️ Looks like people took full advantage of the eat out to help out scheme in its first week. The average claim was around £5 meaning the policy has helped people save over £50m! Some restaurants have even scrapped the maximum £10 limit and are offering 50% off their full bill. If you haven’t managed to take advantage of the scheme yet, rest assured there’s enough in the pot for you. The government has put aside £500m for the scheme so get tuckin’ in!

🤰 And with the eat out to help out scheme effectively offering a buy one get one free deal in some cases, the government has plans to completely ban BOGOF deals on unhealthy foods. This comes after a recent ban on junk food adverts before 21:00 throughout the UK which is all in the government’s plans to fight obesity after growing evidence links obesity to increased risk from Covid-19. Feels like it’s a step in the right direction but more definitely needs to be done.

On A Serious Note

📝 I came across this cheat sheet last week whilst I was looking to see if allergic reactions vary between the top 14 allergens. It’s a brilliant breakdown of what foods commonly contain each allergen along with a fact sheet for each food group. Really good to share with friends and family who don’t quite understand your allergies or if you or your family member is newly diagnosed.

📖 And whilst I was on the Anaphylaxis Campaign, I also stumbled on this allergy related jargon buster. The glossary explains what all the fancy words doctors use actually mean. Really useful for understanding what’s actually going on when dealing with allergies.

Chip In

🍟 We’ve all been hugely affected by Covid-19. Some more than others. The hospitality industry definitely falls into the ‘more than others’ category. Especially the staff whose livelihoods are disappearing. In an effort to support people in hospitality who are at risk, Hospitality Action have launched a new campaign where you can help by buying a portion of invisible chips. All the money goes towards supporting people in the industry whilst they navigate the challenges brought on by Covid-19 – whether it’s a physical illness, mental health issues or financial stress. Best of all, the chips are guilt-free!

End Note

As the newsletter grows, I expect the content to evolve as well . One thing I want to keep consistent throughout the journey though, is that it’s driven by you. If you have any feedback or want to share anything please get it touch. I read and reply to every email so make sure to reach out!

And should you come across anything interesting this week, send it my way! I love finding new things to read through. 

Speak soon,


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