Monday Mashup 5: Allergy Babies, Halloween Scares, Allergy Treatment, Cadbury’s, Community Shoutout

Monday Mashup 5: Allergy Babies, Halloween Scares, Allergy Treatment, Cadbury’s, Community Shoutout

A bite sized update from the world of allergies & food.

Happy Monday Tuesday! Slightly late one again… no excuse this time 😳

Welcome to issue #5 of our bi-monthly newsletter.

In this short newsletter I’ll be keeping you updated on our journey to make eating out with allergies easy as well as other tasty chunks from the food and allergy world. I’ll also keep you informed on what our community is saying along with expert opinions from within the industry, recipes and much, much more!

This is a newsletter for you, made by you – our allergy community.

Onto the updates…

The World of Eating Out

As we work towards creating a place for you to find, rate and share allergy friendly restaurants, I want to keep you updated as we go. The feedback from you is so, so important and allows us to shape the website to work exactly the way you need it to so thank you. Our goal is to build the first Allergy Friendly Restaurant Guide in the UK!

Here are the things we’ve been working on…
No pictures and much, much less to update you on this week 😔

More reviews:
We now have 25 reviews across a number of restaurants in Liverpool. It’s a very gradual build up and although we’ve not managed to get the 100’s we wanted by now, you can already see how valuable the reviews are. They make it so much easier to research allergy restaurants in Liverpool.

The next 2 weeks – what we’re going to be working on: 

  • Now I’m back the main thing we’ll be focussing on are design updates so lots of small fixes that come from user feedback. 
  • And as usual, adding more reviews and Liverpool based restaurants. We’re at 25 reviews and 114 restaurant listings at the moment. I’m setting a target to double both of these by our next newsletter! 

If you know of anyone who has eaten out in Liverpool with a dietary requirement, please ask them to get in touch – every bit helps!

Food For Thought

🍁 With the rise of allergies, new research has found that children born in Autumn have a higher risk of developing allergic conditions. The US study found that many allergic diseases begin with dry and cracked skin. This leads to children with weaker skin barriers, meaning that the skin finds it harder to keep allergens and pathogens out. The research goes on to say that, “When food particles are able to penetrate the skin rather than being digested, the body sees them as foreign and creates antibodies against them, which causes the child to become allergic.” Following these findings, the researchers are now looking into why this happens and working to find early interventions that can be developed to protect more children which is promising. I’m assuming it also goes some way to explaining the link between eczema and allergies.

👻 And speaking of Autumn, Halloween is just around the corner. Another US study found that the holiday accounts for an 85% increase in peanut induced anaphylactic incidents compared to the rest of the year! They also found Easter accounted for a 60% increase. Interestingly, there were no significant increases across other holidays such as Christmas and New Years. One reason for this could be that over these two holidays, children have less adult supervision and receive more treats from people who are not aware of their food allergies, whereas Christmas and other celebrations involve more friends and family who are likely to be aware. 

🥜 For some positive news for those with peanut allergies! We touched on Aimmune and their FDA approved peanut allergy treatment last week. It’s only available to people in the US but it seems like the learnings have quickly made their way into the UK. A new trial has been conducted at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, exposing a group of young people to increasing amounts of peanuts over time. The results are amazing! By the end of the study, 58% could tolerate at least 3 to 4 peanuts compared to just 2% of the placebo group. One child could even tolerate 7! The wider impact of this life changing. Although peanut allergy sufferers are unlikely to be able to stuff their faces with Snickers, it does mean that they can massively reduce their chances of anaphylaxis. The longer term improvement to their quality of life will be huge. I’m excited to watch Aimmune lead the way and continue developing treatments to other allergens. Hopefully these find their way to the UK just as quickly!

Turning Over A New Leaf

🍫 Demand for plant based alternatives are soaring. The world’s most popular chocolate may soon have a milk free option and the best part about it is that we get to reap the benefits! Milk and egg free options have become more and more common under the vegan label and it looks like we’re going to be adding Dairy Milk’s to our shopping list too. Cadbury’s announced that they are developing a vegan Dairy Milk which is rumoured to be launching in 2021 in time for Veganuary (January… obviously!) I’m really looking forward to this as a milk allergy sufferer but I’m not sure how they’re going to get around the branding problem. Both the words ‘Dairy’ and ‘Milk’ are very anti-vegan!


📣 And before we wrap up, I want to make a quick shoutout to someone in our community who has been incredibly supportive from the start and who recently reached out with a brilliant idea. She’ll probably hate me for this but I want to say thank you to our very own…

Angie Perry! 

Angie suggested sharing a restaurant recommendation from people in our community in each newsletter. I thought this was a brilliant way to hear about and celebrate allergy-friendly restaurants. I’ve always held the opinion that restaurants who really go the extra mile to cater for allergy sufferers should be praised – we always hear of the bad stories but what about those that are doing the right thing? This is one way we can do that in the hope it will also encourage more restaurants to step up. So for the next newsletter, I’ll be asking Angie to recommend an allergy-friendly restaurant she’s visited and speak briefly about why it was great. 

Sorry Angie!!

End Note

As the newsletter grows, I expect the content to evolve as well . One thing I want to keep consistent throughout the journey though, is that it’s driven by you. If you have any feedback or want to share anything please get it touch. I read and reply to every email so make sure to reach out!

And as always, should you come across anything interesting this week, send it my way! I love finding new things to read through. 

Speak soon,


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