TGI Fridays – Central Liverpool

Casual chain restaurant with a festive vibe serving beer, cocktails & a wide menu of American fare.

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Welcome to the Liverpool TGI Fridays! Along with mouth watering food and tempting drinks, we bring fun, friendliness and an extra large helping of good vibes to the table. It’s what makes every day seem like Friday. From our signature loaded skins to our legendary Jack Daniels sauce, we take real American flavours and make them different. These undeniably tasty and original flavours are at the heart of everything we do, and our unique and extensive menu is exactly why you might call us the home of the daredevil. What are Fridays all about? Celebration and fun, of course! And with our tempting food, dreamy cocktails and infectious buzz, we’ve got all the ingredients for fun right here at 14 Paradise Street, L1 8JF, visit us today!

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jay9 4 Reviews
Struggle if you have allergies
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My family and I went to TGI Fridays. My brother is allergic or intolerant to a lot of foods so we asked to see the allergy menu. This was a process that took around 20/30 minutes. The waitress we had wasn’t allowed to take his order so we had to wait for the manager. He then sat down with my brother and went through every single page of his allergy encyclopaedia and eventually found something he can eat. Being that his food was an allergy order they then have to clean the grill etc so they can prepare his food, which we respected a lot but we felt there could’ve been a quicker way to 1. Take the order 2. Cook the food 3. Allow the waitress to take his order and deal with his request. Overall, TGI’s is definitely lacking in this area and we won’t be returning until we hear of them updating this process. Even being a returning allergy customer with my brother they still had to do the same protocol, even though we knew what he could eat.

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mvwxiv26 3 Reviews
Awesome, Easy to use and seamless experience!
Milk, Soya,
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The menu guru app helped calm our nerves around our little boys allergies. Previously some establishments have been poor at clarifying certain allergies, however, using the menu guru app put our minds at ease, 100%!

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