The Smugglers Cove

Pirate-themed bar/restaurant with vaulted ceilings, for rum cocktails, deli boards and BBQ meats.

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The Smugglers Cove, Albert Docks hidden treasure offers a world breaking record of 151 world-famous rums, over 50 bottled beers, real ales and hosts the finest choice of Champagnes. If that’s not enough we also boast an intriguing list of rum-based cocktails such as a Pink Parrot, The Nipperkin, Black Cherry Martin, as well as all the classics such as a Cosmopolitan and Long Island Iced Tea. Food at The Smugglers Cove is made to warm your heart with home comforts such as fish & chips, bangers & mash as well great sharing foods served in the form of a rustic deli boards and classic prawn cocktail, calamari and pork crackling. Not to mention live music every night, except on Sundays it’s on in the afternoon time. Sing A Song Thursdays (9pm) From the comfort of your seat, with your friends, simply fill in a request for your greatest anthem and our talented musician will play your song for you all to sing along to!! Bookings can be made for any day either by the website or over the phone, except for Saturday and Sunday daytimes as this is treated as a first come, first serve.